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Roof Sheeting

Sher Steel’s roof sheeting product range is locally manufactured and we stock a wide variety to any requirements.

Roof sheeting is fundamental to ensuring a fully reinforced and safe construction. 

We provide solutions to any and all roof sheeting requirements.

Included in our roof sheeting fabrication services is our 100%  local inverted box rib (IBR) sheeting option. IBR roof sheeting is extremely durable and enormously strong.

Also included in our roof sheeting product list is corrugated roof sheeting. Corrugated roof sheeting is strong and affordable and is the ideal option in all roofing situations.

Our roof sheeting options include:

  • Cut corrugated roof sheeting to size
  • IBR roof sheeting
  • Corrugated
  • Gutters & Accessories
  • Poly Carb sheeting
  • Multi sheeting
  • Box Gutters “specials” to spec

Contact us for more on our range corrugated roof sheeting and IBR roof sheeting capabilities.

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