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Steel Products Offered

Sher Steel’s specialist services include steel fabrication facilities for unique Steel Products customisations. Our Steel Products make up a comprehensive service offering of metal supply and fabrication solutions. Our specialist services include steel fabrication facilities for unique specifications and customisations, as well as capabilities in the implementation of chrome and other finishes. Along with these competencies in the improvement of steel products, we offer all grades of Stainless Steel Products, for all industrial requirements.

Our detailed product offering is listed as follows:

Sheet Metal

Choose from a wide range of fabricated sheet metal

Reinforcing Bars & Mesh

Strength that’s guaranteed to support the heaviest loads

Roof Sheeting

Strong and durable roof sheeting 

Steel Tubing

Carefully and professionally crafted steel pipes

Steel Sections

Get custom handcrafted steel sections

Steel Fencing

Custom fencing to suit a array of fencing/bordering requirements

Industrial Hardware

Explore our range of world-class industrial paints and hardware


Custom made systems and accessories

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