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Reinforcing Bars & Mesh

At Sher Steel, we supply and bend 100% locally manufactured Reinforcing High Tensile bars.

Reinforcing High Tensile Bar is a vital component to construction concrete manufacture and an essential safety mechanism in building development.

There are a number of variants of reinforcing steel available for application. From steel mesh to rebar options, reinforcing H.T. bar can be manufactured to be implemented into any and all building designs.

Our reinforcing H.T. bar options, from steel mesh and rebar to expanded metal, are fully customisable. We manufacture to suit your building requirements and to your specifications.

Our reinforcing H.T. bar products are enhanced rebar, mesh and metal options, with a workable strength that is guaranteed by SABS and industry standards to support the heaviest of loads and maintain building safety.

Our reinforcing steel options include:

  • Steel mesh
  • Rebar
  • Expanding metal
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